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AAdynTech JAB $145/daily

The AAdynTech JAB Hurricane Cinema is the most powerful compact all-weather IP65 rated LED fixture available on the market today. Now the JAB Hurricane Cinema is coupled with high CRI(92+) performance to create the JAB Hurricane Cinema fixture. It delivers an impressive 1,508 fc @ 10 feet while consuming only 1.77 amps at full power and can also be operated via 48 volt DC battery power making it ideal for any remote production where power is limited. The IP65 rating totally protects the Hurricane from dust and water from any direction. The JAB Hurricane Cinema boasts fan-less convection cooling and flicker-free operation up to 12,000 frames per second. High optical efficiency provides a single light-source, eliminating multiple shadows, and quick change lenses vary the beam angle between spot, medium and flood while maintaining a flat, even illumination field. Passive convection cooling provides silent operation and instant ON at all times ensures no warm-up wait time on set.

AAdynTech’s JAB Quad $195.00/Daily

AAdynTech’s JAB Quad is the most powerful LED soft light in it’s class, consuming only 1,300 watts of power and outputting an amazing 120,000 lumens. The fixture, control box and connecting cable are rated IP65; weatherproof under any condition.

With a CRI of over 92, the JAB Quad creates a beautiful, even field of light in Daylight, Tungsten, or a Variable version that adjusts anywhere from 2900 Kelvin to 5700 Kelvin. Additionally, it has the capability of adding green or magenta to match any other white light fixture.

There are various ways to control the Quad; AAdynTech’s User Interface Module, Wired DMX or Wireless DMX, making it very flexible for any kind of production.

Like all AAdynTech products, the Quad is designed and manufactured in the United States by Sturdy Corporation, guaranteeing quality and dependable service.